Ambient Environmental Specialist’s must comply with several different standards set by ABS. Each level of standard must be met when reviewing a vessel or offshore installation. Our certified specialist will survey/assess/examine your vessel or offshore installation with accuracy and efficiency, ensuring compliance with ABS regulations.

Ambient Environmental standards include:

  • HAB level- focusing on five (5) categories of habitability criteria that can affect task performance and can be controlled, measured, and assessed in crew work, rest, and recreation areas of ships. These categories are: accommodation area, whole-body vibration (separate criteria for accommodation areas and work spaces), noise, indoor climate, and lighting.
  • HAB+ level- involves a more stringent accommodation area, whole-body vibration and noise criteria aimed at increasing crew comfort and safety.
  • HAB++ level- comprises a more rigorous accommodation area, whole-body vibration, noise, and indoor climate criteria.
  • Whole-body Vibration Measurements & Analysis
  • Noise Measurements & Analysis
  • Indoor Climate Measurement & Analysis
  • Light Measurement & Analysis


To be awarded any of these notations, a vessel must meet the appropriate prescriptive criteria across various/a variety of/the appropiate habitability categories. In addition to the HAB notation assignment, at the Owner’s request, ABS may review the accommodation area design for compliance with ILO MLC, 2006 Title 3 requirements, as related to notation MLC-ACCOM.