META’s team of specialists will provide precision reporting for Ambient Environmental Testing Certification on your vessel in conformity with American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) regulations. We offer Habitability Certification Testing for HAB, HAB+, and HAB++ specifications as well as International Labor Organization’s (ILO) MLC-ACCOM certification.

Our Test Plans will ensure complete documentation compliance and testing in the following fields:
• Whole Body Vibration Analysis- Assessing whole body vibration relating to habitability onboard vessels to limit potential vibration related interference with work tasks and to improve crew comfort.
• Noise Testing and Analysis- To improve crew performance and to facilitate communication and sleep in appropriate vessel spaces. Additional goal is to enhance crew safety and comfort.
• Indoor Climate Testing – Ambient qualities of air temperature, air velocity, and relative humidity, vertical and horizontal gradient temperature differential testing.
• Lighting Analysis / Testing – Assessing the IL luminance levels of general lighting and task lighting on vessels. Verifying standards for crew visual task performance and to facilitate crew movements, well-being and safety onboard vessels.

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